Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Tales, the Mod Squad at Black Dog Animal Rescue

Today is Tuesday.  That means another edition of Tuesday Tales.  

I love it when I come across a program that does great things for the community and especially animals in the community.  People started noticing that black dogs have an especially hard time finding homes, simply because of their color. Black Dog Animal Rescue helps with black dogs, as well as all other colors, breeds, sizes and ages.  

This group has several great programs to help animals in the Wyoming area.

1) Pet Food Pantry to help provide food to families who are having trouble getting their pets fed

2) Clyde's Fund to help with medical care for homeless pets

3) Foster care for those looking for homes

4) Adoptions

5) Low cost microchipping

6) The PASS program that help rehome animals without making them go through a shelter


7) The Mod Squad to help dogs who need training or behavior modification so they can find good homes.

Today, I want to highlight The Mod Squad!

Here is how Black Dog Animal Rescue describes their program. 

Black Dog Animal Rescue is implementing this behavior modification and enrichment program  to support our mission to provide homeless animals across Wyoming with safe and secure placement, promote the use of proven, life-saving programs in our communities, and advocate for animal welfare. This program was created by the Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) out of Waukesha, WI in 2009. Mod Squad was created to address the fact that the main reason most dogs (up to 70%) who enter the shelter system do not survive the experience is behavior problems. By implementing this program we will work to improve the behavior of dogs in our foster care, and address emotional states of fear, anxiety and insecurity. Our aim is to ensure the needs of dog’s with more complex behavior issues can be met and more of these dogs will have a successful adoption.We are confident that over time, we will see positive results as there has been an increase in adoption rates, decrease of euthanasia rates and stable return rates since its inception at HAWS.
 Who we are…
A dedicated group of specially selected volunteers, trained in behavior modification and enrichment techniques, that works with special needs dogs in our foster program.

 What we do…
Work with dogs who need help to become adoptable because they have behavior issues. This is determined by a behavior evaluation for new arrivals. We also work with special needs and elderly animals. In addition, Mod Squad members may be asked to participate in activities such as:
Handling animals for functions in and outside of the adoption center.
  • Recordkeeping and information systems.
  • Promotional activities.
  • Assisting with training for other volunteers.
  • Fostering animals with special needs.

You can see their web page, www.bdar.org for more information.  Such a great program for helping dogs that could be successful with a little help.

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  1. They sound like a really wonderful group. Black dogs are so often overlooked :-) Especially like that they have a pet food pantry. Shared.

  2. Oh wow! Their Mod Squad sounds awesome! I love it when rescues actually try to work with their dogs it makes the adopter's life so much better when the dog comes knowing some things. :D

    1. Yes. It makes alot of sense to help the dogs learn how to succeed!

  3. What a wonderful organization. Training is such an important part in getting a dog adopted. Our local rescue works in conjunction with a boys home to train shelter dogs. It is such a great experience for the boys and the dogs.

    1. Yes. It's a win-win because the dogs benefit and the people working with the dogs benefit.

  4. I am loving the mod squad! Thanks for sharing this!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. So cool when they go the extra mile to help the dogs find GOOD homes!

  5. What a great program! Thanks for sharing.