Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Tails, Aussie Style

Today is Tuesday so here is another edition of Tuesday Tails.  I love the Black Dog Animal Rescue located in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  They have several programs which really seem to make difference in helping homeless pets.  BDAR has this mission statement:

The mission of Black Dog Animal Rescue is to provide homeless animals across Wyoming with guaranteed safe and secure placement, promote the use of proven life-saving programs in our communities, and advocate for animal welfare.

This post is about a program they have that helps find homes for pets that need to be rehomed without them having to go to shelters.  It's call the PASS program and here is what BDAR says about it.

Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS Program) – For when you have to give them up.

Black Dog Animal Rescue is proud to announce the launch of a new program to assist community members who are forced into re-homing their dogs in finding an adoptive home without the stress and emotional toll of leaving their beloved companion pet in a shelter.
The PASS Program is a re-homing assistance program, which allows participants to take advantage of BDAR’s structure, outreach, online presence and mobile adoption drives to find an adoptive home for their qualifying dog. Additionally, animals placed through the PASS program benefit from BDAR’s returned adoption guarantee, meaning thy will never end up in a shelter, even if the adoption does not work out. It is not an owner surrender program; participating pets must stay in their current home during the period of time they are participating in the rehoming assistance program.
In an attempt to achieve its mission, and provide life-saving programs which prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of pets in shelters, BDAR is offering this program to the public so as to help reduce the number of dogs entering our local shelters. Resources in those shelters can then be used to assist other animals, for whom the program is not an option.


To qualify for participation in the PASS rehoming assistance program, dogs must meet the following minimum criteria:
- Must have proof of current rabies vaccination
- Cannot be exhibiting aggressive behavior and must pass an interview with a BDAR representative
- Must be allowed to stay in the current home until an adoptive home is found
- Cannot be suffering from an unmanaged or untreated health condition
Program participants must pay a $50 non-refundable enrollment fee ($20 additional charge for pets who are not microchipped. BDAR will provide a microchip). Owners will be expected to complete a pet personality profile, and must bring the pet for an interview and photo shoot. The program is at-will and participants may withdraw at any time.
If you cannot keep your dog anymore, for whatever reason, but also cannot bring yourself to leave your pet in a shelter to an undetermined fate, then this program may be able to help. To apply, download the application and e-mail it as an attachment to bdar@bdar.org, or post mail it to Black Dog Animal Rescue, 3619 Evans Ave., Suite B.,  Cheyenne, WY 82001. Please read the application for a complete description of the program function and requirements.
Although having to give up a pet can be traumatic for pets as well as owners, this seems like a great resource to ease the situation in a safe way.
Check out this great organization at BDAR.org


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