Friday, October 16, 2015

Flashback Friday, Aussie Style

Jessie (and Reba) just had their fourth birthday.  Honestly, the time flies so quickly, I was thinking they were turning three, but nope!  It has been really fun watch her grow up and become the smart, loving, quirky dog that she is.  In this picture, she's about four weeks old. Not a great photo, I know.

My time placement has already come into question, but here I think she is two.  You can see the love in her eyes.  But she was very shy around other people.

Our daughter and granddaughter have been living with us for the last few months.  And Jessie has really enjoyed it!  When she first met the granddaughter, Jessie wanted nothing to do with her.  
But the cool part is that the kiddo has learned how to respect Jessie's space, at least most of the time. And Jessie has come to love her to pieces.

When the baby wakes up, Jessie is right there waiting to tell her good morning!  When they leave, Jessie has to give kisses goodbye.

And Jessie has "taken her charge under her wing".  Jessie watches out for our granddaughter and makes sure she is as safe as a little dog can.

It is really cool to watch how the dogs learn and grow and change, as well as how the kids learn and grow and change.  They help each other out!  

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  1. Awww, looks and sounds like you two make a great pair! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Jessie. Those pictures are so sweet.

  3. Awe! Jessie was so little! How cute! It's crazy how time flies!

  4. The puppy picture is adorable, but the one of your granddaughter with Jessie is priceless. It definitely deserves a frame. ♥

    1. Yes. I love that one. It was a chance snap I took and it is one of my favorites! thanks!

  5. Well happy birthday!
    Thanks for joining up with our hops today!

  6. Oh, how sweet! Happy Birthday wishes coming your way! Love the pics. Thanks for joining in our Flashback Friday and sharing such a great trip down Memory Lane!

  7. What a little cutie! And it sounds like she has definitely grown into being a wonderful dog!