Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wordless Wednesday, {52 Snapshots of Life} Week 40, Framed

They're running away!!!!

Were they framed?

Probably not. Probably guilty.

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Tuesday Tales, Black Bart needs help.

This is Black Bart.  I'm taking this from a post by Big Fluffy Dog Rescue 
He sounds like a guy who could really use a break!

Here is what they say.

Fans, this is Black Bart. We had nothing to do with his name, but we approve of the pirate sound of it. We have this big, sweet black lab because his owner died and he ended up in a local shelter as his owner had no family. Obviously, we can't leave an older, black dog to die at the shelter, so since he is a 66% dog (big and dog, just not fluffy), he came to us.

Black Bart is frankly bewildered and I don't think he understands why he has no family now. One day, Mom was there and the next she wasn't and he hasn't quite reconciled himself to the loss. He has been sad but I think once he gets to a home, he will be fine. I can say a judicious application of treats may speed up the process. He is 7 years old, 86 pounds, and he is great with people and with other dogs and his cat testing is pending. He is housebroken, he rides well in a car and he is good on a leash. Seriously people, this is a nice dog.

Black Bart has elbow dysplasia which is not repairable, and he is kind of slow and plodding, but since I am slow and plodding, this does not disturb me. If your plans for this dog include trekking the pan-Pacific trail, it's best if you pass on this boy. If your idea of a serious trek is to walk to the end of the driveway for the mail, now we're talking. He is on your garden variety arthritis meds but that's the sum total of his medical needs at this time. What he needs is petting and love. And snacks. He wanted to be sure you all knew about the snacks.

Black Bart is adoptable or fosterable from TN to CT and places nearby and in between, including the KY/OH/PA/WV area. Interested would-be adopters or fosters should fill out an application atwww.bigfluffydogs.com (click on Online Application to adopt and Fostering FAQs to foster) and then email erinbfdr@gmail.com

Good luck!  Hope you find a good home sweet boy!

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Mischief, Aussie Style

September is a BUSY month around here.  Not only is the garden coming to harvest, but so is the hay.  And it is BIRTHDAY MONTH as well.  My husband, one daughter, one daughter-in-law and two grandsons ALL have birthdays in the second half of the month.

We celebrated birthdays for the two grandsons and the daughter-in-law yesterday.  I made both of these cakes.  Not too bad for an amateur, I think.

In the evening, old Blackjack, the 25 year old Thoroughbred came out and gave the grandkids rides. It was a gorgeous evening.  All the dogs, including guest dogs Thor and Turk, enjoyed it immensely as well.

I'm posting this picture again to illustrate my point.  Sera, the mischievous, enjoyed it especially well. As we were busy with outside, cooking, etc., she found her opportunity to counter surf.  I had left their food on top of the counter.  Cakes were safe, but she made a nice dent in the dogs' dinner. 

And I don't believe she was the least bit remorseful.

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Black and White Sunday, Aussie Style

My daughter taking a nap with one of the mini aussies we used to have.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Showdog Saturday, the Greyhound

Greyhounds are such amazing athletes.  To see one really move is magic. I decided to research these magnificent animals this week for Showdog Saturday. I don't know individuals of the breed well but hear that they are sweet and quirky.

What I found online is this:

This a very ancient breed. Evidence of them has been found in the Nile River Valley that dates back more than 4000 years. Greyhounds were bred to hunt, with excellent vision and speed. One source said they can reach speeds of 40 to 45 miles per hour. 

At one time, only the nobles were allowed to own these gorgeous dogs. Eventually, however, the breed became widely popular. Greyhounds are known for racing, but they also compete in other dog sports, like lure coursing, conformation, obedience, and agility.

In the earlier days of greyhound racing, many of these dogs would be put down when their career was over. Now there are quite a few rescue groups who help these guys find new homes.

Generally healthy, they don't tolerate cold temperatures well and should be mostly indoor dogs during extreme weather. They usually have a strong prey drive but can learn to live with cats and other small animals.

Greyhounds get along with older kids but don't care for the rougher handling of young children. They are pretty independent but willing to please someone they respect. Generally gentle and even tempered, they need someone who is calm, confident and fair to help them succeed and bond.

Pet Parade, Fall on the Farm

Here on the farm, we lots of work to be done in the fall.  The garden is ready to start harvesting.  We start baking since it's cooling down.  We get ready for cold weather so we'll have lots of good stuff to eat.

Luckily for me, there is lots of canine and feline assistance available.  Here is Gabby watching over the rhubarb.  Don't want it to go anywhere.

And here we have Sera and Reba and Joe (the yellow tabby) watching the harvesting.  Can you hear them say "don't miss those tomatoes over there!"?

And the help carries over into the kitchen.  I have Sera, the kitchen monitor, watching for anything I need help with (and for a chance at those cookies on the counter). Note: agile dogs are VERY GOOD counter surfers.

And Gabby again, asking "Do you need any help?".  

Whenever I'm in the kitchen, the dogs are on high alert.  It's funny.  If I make an "oops" noise or something more colorful on occasion, they come running.  They might look like they are sleeping and could not care less, but that is NOT the case.  Sometimes they SCORE!!!!

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thoughtless Thursday, or Remember Me Thursday

Today, we're joining the Boys from the Bayou and M.K. Clinton in celebrating Remember Me Thursday. We lit a candle for today and you can as well if you click the link. M.K. Clinton wrote a fantastic piece  about this organization and I certainly don't need to repeat her words.  

Everyday, you see the stories of the dogs and cats who are in shelters with little if any chance for a better life.  So many are euthanized because they aren't placed. I believe most if not all of them understand what is happening and it breaks my heart that they leave this world feeling unloved and unwanted.

I know there are purposes for having purebred dogs and certainly support those responsible breeders as well. Responsible meaning they take responsibility for the offspring they produce and do it for the improvement of the breed and their ability. The ideal purebred is going to excel at a specific job (think hunting, herding, etc.).  Not everyone needs a specialized dog. 

Many of us are looking for companionship; a friend. So many of these dogs and cats could be that friend if given a chance.  I would love for people to at least CONSIDER adoption before they buy a from a breeder.  

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Tails, Help Jake!

It's Tuesday again, so I'm writing about a sweet dog that has been taken in by the Miss Gabriel Foundation and will eventually be looking for his forever home.

This foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit group organized to give severely neglected/abused dogs a place to get better and go on with a new life.

This boy is Jake and here is his story as told on his GoFundMe page. 

Hi my name is Mr Jake. I am 4 years old. Dr's say they need to see my hair grow back to tell for sure what breed I am.
A nice lady named Mandi saw me trying to walk around, all alone, on a hot day on September 6th 2015 and she knew I needed help. She reached out to everyone she could think of to try and get me some help. Mandi saved my life by bringing attention to my dire need of help.
Eventually I was surrendered at the local shelter on September 9th 2015 where I got some help and started on a medical treatment plan. I gained 5 pounds under the shelters care. Even though I was responding to the medication and the food that I desperately needed, I still needed more help.
 This is where I hit the lottery. On September 18th 2015 Miss Gabriel Foundation stepped in to pick me up, foster me and give me the 24/7 medical care I will be needing for a little bit. They have a motto and it is "Giving a second chance to dogs who never had a first chance."
I saw my new Dr (Dr April) on September 18th 2015. She has a medical plan she believes will help me.
I am emaciated and the Dr believes I had not been fed often. My ears are so infected I may have foreign objects in them that need to be removed. My toe nails are so overgrown they are twisting my toes in odd positions. My skin has a disease where I am losing hair, I smell badly, my body is covered in scars and scabs. All of these are very painful. I am a little anemic from lack of food and my bleeding sores. My white blood cell is high due to infections. My blood results show I am having a serious allergic reaction.
I have to go into surgery September 22nd 2015 to have my ears and nails worked on. We are not sure what they will find or whether this will be a temporary or permanent fix.

Visit Mr Jake's Facebook for updates on his condition and needs.  He is supposed to be having his surgery today. 

You can also follow him on these social media pages. 

Mr Jake's Youtube 

Mr Jake's Google + 

Mr Jake's Twitter 

His care and treatment will be expensive so if you can find it in your heart, please spread the word, or better yet donate to his care. 

All donations are tax deductible:
Miss Gabriel Foundation
Non Profit Corporation 501(c)(3)
Tax ID# 47-4966288

You can go to his GoFundMe page or to these sources: 

Directly to his Dr at:
Riverside Park Veterinary Clinic
111 E. Park Street
Grants Pass, OR 97527
account of Kimberly Howell C/O Mr Jake

Send funds or donated items to:
Miss Gabriel Foundation
P.O. Box 718
Rogue River, OR 97537

The Miss Gabriel Foundation has put together a wish list on amazon if you'd like to donate items for his care at Mr Jake's Wish List. 

Hoping this boy will recover and find his forever home soon!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Mischief

So, I guess I'm the mischievous one this week because I'm just now writing my post.

The dogs are currently looking for mischief, as demonstrated in these picture.  It was a beautiful morning and I just liked these shots.  

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We're joining the Monday Mischief blog hop, so check it out!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Showdog Saturday, the Great Dane

I get to see alot of Great Danes at the dog shows I go to.  They are generally very calm and elegant. As a giant breed, they are fairly intimidating, however. In reality, they are known to be some of the best-natured dogs around.

As usual, where do you turn when you want to research something?  The internet, of course. This info was picked up from several articles (AKC, DogInfo......) and from talking to people who own these amazing dogs.

I always love to learn about the history of a breed and these guys are pretty fascinating. Drawings of dogs resembling Great Danes have been dated to 3000 B.C.  It is believed they have English Mastiff and maybe some Irish Wolfhound in their background.  In the 16th century, they were used to hunt boars and were pretty ferocious.

In the 1700s, a French naturalist visiting Denmark saw a version of this dog and called it 
Grand Danois; Great Dane.  Some of the larger ones were called Danish Mastiffs. Either way, the Dane part stuck even they didn't come from Denmark.

In the 1800s, some German breeders worked to breed the ferocity out of the dogs and to otherwise refine them. 

Fortunately, the result was a kind and patient dog, good with kids and eager to please. They are loyal defenders if they feel the need to defend.  And since their size is enough to make a person think twice, they make pretty darn good guard dogs.

Great Danes are moderately active, requiring walks/exercise several times a day.  Simply because of their size, a small house or apartment can be uncomfortable but they are usually fairly laid back. Because of their reach, special care has to be taken to keep stuff out of their reach.  Getting ahold of something on a counter or on top of the refrigerator is easy for them.

Good socialization or puppy kindergarten is helpful since training early is easier since they aren't so big. They like to be busy so time alone can present challenges if they get bored.

Great Danes are generally healthy. Like other giant breeds, their life span is shorter than many dogs; only 7 to 10 years.  They do tend to have hip dysplasia and growth problems if not fed correctly.  

Overall, Great Danes seem to be fantastic family pets. The ones I've met sure are sweethearts.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Communicating with Your Dogs

As dog lovers, we've all seen the head tilts, the excited greetings, and the barking of dogs.  We know that these actions mean something.  But what about the more subtle messages?

This look says "I'm hot and tired so give me a break".  

This one says "I love you".

And this one says "I don't like this!"

I believe that dogs are really pretty intelligent but they just can't form our language with their lips. Just not built for it.  But I believe they have a whole lot more to tell us if only we find a way.

Since I go to dog shows occasionally to set up my booth, I get to meet other vendors and other dog owners.  And there is always a bit of down time to visit.

I met an animal communicator at the shows and we've talked many times now. At first, it was polite. I didn't really believe but I was curious. 

We were talking about my barrel racing and some issues I was having with my mare. I told Nancy that it got kind of frustrating paying so much for runs that took only 15 to 20 seconds and not being able to figure out our problems.

She said, well, a session would cost less than one of your bad runs so maybe it would be worth it.  Put that way, I figured I'd give it a shot! I had nothing to lose and what if it helped?

She had me give her information about the horses, dogs and cats living here; names, ages, breed, sex; basic stuff.  No issues were listed.  

We started with Legs, my mare.  It seemed that Nancy did connect with Legs.  She was able to discuss issues that I didn't even realize that we had and hadn't told her about, but it rang true.  We went down the line, talking about/with each one.  And she had some good insights for me.  

But the animal that Nancy most connected to was Rocket, my sweet Aussie girl. As Rocket declined in health, I'd talk to Nancy about the various things happening. Nancy helped us explore where Rocket hurt and what was happening with her.  Rocket suffered pretty badly from the arthritis and we were pretty sure she had an abdominal cancer.  

No, we did not go to the vet about it because 1) she was already miserable from the arthritis, 2) she was incontinent and having issues there, 3) she was already thirteen and 4) considering the first three, we were not going to try to extend her life selfishly just for her to suffer more. No point in doing tests and getting an official diagnosis if you would do nothing with the information  (Note, I was an RN for 20 years so I have a different view of things than some people might; another whole SERIES of posts should I ever decide to write them).

Eventually, the day came when Rocket no longer would eat her favorite treat, peanutbutter.  She had been incontinent occasionally, but this time she was having bloody stools and just looked miserable. I decided to call Nancy to help us determine if Rocket was ready.  

I was so glad that I called.  Nancy knew that Rocket wanted to say goodbye to my husband, who was at work, and to our one daughter who she had a special bond with.  I hadn't even thought about it, but according to Nancy, Rocket asked to talk to "the big girl" meaning our daughter. I was home with  no other humans around, so I called my husband and then my daughter and let them talk to Rocket through the phone. Then Rocket let Nancy know that she was ready to go and that I should take her to the vet right away.

We did that, and I held her paw and stroked her fur as she left this world.  And I felt like we had real closure thanks to my friend Nancy.  

I'm sorry this post got a little down, but I went there because it left a lasting impression on me about animal communicating, at least through my friend.  I know there is no absolute proof that there was communication going on.  I know alot of people would never try it and would never believe there was a benefit to it.  Maybe each of you reading this post thinks that I'm a bit nuts.  But I felt in my heart that it made a difference and helped us peacefully take this difficult step with our beloved dog.

I think sometimes it is about our beliefs, much more than the facts.  I think there are things that are true whether you can prove them or not.  I choose to be open to the possibilities and I'm really glad that I gave an animal communicator a shot.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thoughtless Thursday, Aussie Style

As summer comes to an end, we start thinking about changes.  Temperatures are cooling down a bit and school has started.  It gets dark earlier and the sun comes up just a little later.  

We start doing things differently.  Less time outside and more inside. Less gardening.  More cooking. 

One practice that we have is to hang out on our back porch.  We love it because it looks out over our hay field and the hills with very few traces of humans. The dogs love it because they can see all around and can enjoy the breeze.

A boy and his ball.  He's so attached to it. It goes everywhere!

As the "senior" of the group, Gabby is not quite as active; a little more laid back. She's 8 1/2 now.

Jessie, the queen (at least in her own mind) watching to be sure her subjects are all in line.

Sera, the one who is REALLY in charge, casually keeping an eye on things.

Reba, just hanging out and hoping for loves of any kind.  She's such a lovebug but a bit needy.

These guys love hanging out on the back porch as much as we do.  As fall turns into winter, we won't be able to do this for a while. Temps in the 30s and 40s or even cooler are not conducive to porch sitting.  But for right now, it's gorgeous out!

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