Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday, Aussie Style, and Rainbow Remembrance Day

I'm recycling this picture of Rocket.  I didn't take alot of photos back then so I don't have very many good ones.  

Today is Throwback Thursday for us at Aussies in Charge.  Reading some of the recent posts reminds me of how resilient this girl was. And accident prone.

Rocket was run over by a truck on our place 3 TIMES!!!!!  Yes, that's right.  3  SEPARATE TIMES!!!!  

She would hang out outside with Dad and our son and Dad's dad.  She'd get comfy in the shade of the truck and fall asleep.  None of the guys would think to look for her and when they moved the truck, she'd be in the way (much discussion with said guys, but that's another story).

We took her in to the vet and they x-rayed her.  Usually, she was just sore with  no major injury (lucky). 

One time, she had a fracture through her pelvic bone, visible on x-ray. The vet said she would be ok but would be very sore and not want to move much for a while.  Well, this girl was bouncing around as if nothing was wrong the very next day.  

After these incidents, as well as many others (watch for future posts), she suffered a good deal of arthritis.  But she always wanted to come out and do her job, even as she approached her fourteenth birthday.

P.S.  Happy Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day tomorrow!

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  1. My goodness! She sure was resilient!! Thank you so much for participating in Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day - xoxo from Mr. Jazz, Deb, Purr Prints of the Heart and the Zee/Zoey Gang

  2. That is amazing! A hard working dog :-)

  3. Sounds like Rocket had more lives than a cat.

  4. We all deal with grief in our own time and way. I feel emotions so deeply that I have to move forward through grief with happy thoughts in order to survive. My fur children will always have a special place in my heart. How wonderful we can have a day to remember our fur children who've gone before us.

    Mom Paula

    1. We were very blessed to have had her in our lives.

  5. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. They can be so deep which is what makes them so beautiful
    Timmy and Family

    1. Isn't that the best part about animals; the memories we get to keep even when they are no longer with us?