Thursday, August 20, 2015

Technical Thursday, Aussie Style

Playing with the camera.

Sera in the garden

Sera is in her garden, watching the activity.  The dogs LOVE it when I'm in the garden and they can just hang out. I took this on my iPhone and edited on that app.

Good morning, Tigger!

This is one of our kitties, Tigger, enjoying the early morning peace.  I took this one with my Canon and edited on PicMonkey to bring out the blue more.  

Morning marigolds

I also took this one with my Canon.  Cropped and edited  just a little on Picasa.  I definitely like the photos from my good camera better.  Just have to carry it with me more!

Sunflowers in the morning

Sunflowers, again!  The just look so pretty against the blue sky that I seem to take lots of pictures of them.  This was also taken on my Canon.  Edited in Picasa with highlighting and colors and added the boho effect.

What do you think?

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