Saturday, August 22, 2015

Show Dog Saturday; Dachshunds and Mini Dachshunds

This is Bo, my daughter's mini dachshund.  Seems like everybody knows somebody who has a dachshund if they don't have one themselves.

Since most people have at least heard of dachshunds, Mom figured she would find out some stuff that maybe not everyone knew.

Dachshunds are known for being long and short,  commonly called wiener dogs because of their shape. 

Here are some facts you might not know. Their build helps them excel at burrowing. They were bred 300 years ago in Germany for hunting/flushing out tunneling animals like badgers (the standard doxie, 16 to 32 pounds) or rabbits (the miniature doxie, under 11 pounds).

In addition to hunting, they are used for companions, shown in conformation events, compete in field or barn hunting trials, or run in wiener dog races.  If you've ever seen a dachshund race, you'll know how much personality they have. 

They are known to be stubborn, but courageous, and loyal to their family. 

Dachshunds are generally healthy but are prone to being overweight and having back injuries, so care is needed.

Doxies make great family pets and are the 11th most popular breed according to the AKC.


  1. Replies
    1. Hmmmmmmm. Watch for next week. I love pugs!

  2. Dachshunds are so cute! I just love them!

  3. That race was hilarious. I enjoy Dachshunds.

  4. We love dachshunds here. ;) There's actually only two sizes in the US: standard, which is technically anything over 11lbs at one year of age (though really only dogs 16+ pounds will do well in the show ring), and miniature, which is 11lbs or under at one year of age. In Germany and pretty much the rest of Europe, there's Standard, Miniature, and Rabbit. It's done by chest circumference instead of weight.

  5. Yes, I saw something about that Rabbit sized. Lots of information. Cool little dogs!