Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday, Aussie Style

Jessie - the look of love!  Who needs words?

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  1. I saw your blog in the blog hop and had to come say hi. I have a mini aussie, Torrey. She keeps us all in line, and as long as we can be just a little bit ahead of her, we are fine. We are currently in Jackson Hole for the summer. Where in Wyoming are you?

    1. We are in Fort Laramie, about 30 miles east of I-25. How's Jackson Hole?

  2. OMD, you could fall into those eyes and get lost!

    Oh, and if you ever have a chance to meet Mary and her husband and dogs Torrey and Roxy, you should definitely do it. They're wonderful artists and entrepreneurs and I think you might find a few things in common.

  3. With a face like that - no one needs words!

  4. I have a very big personality for such a little dog!

  5. What a cute face! <3 Happy Wordless Wednesday!