Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Mischief Aussie Style

I'm Jessie.  I love to give goodbye kisses!

I'm a little dog with a BIG personality.  I know this is Mischief Monday, but this is more quirky than mischievous. I love my people and want to let them know.  Especially when they have to leave me. They need my goodbye kisses!

I start pacing when I see them getting ready to to.  Then I jump in the chair so Mom can pick me up to give a proper kiss "Goodbye".  I make my kisses very gentle and I make sure they are not sloppy like my sister's kisses.

Sometimes Mom forgets and I get really anxious.  My people need my love!

When Mom is the one leaving, the routine has to be different.  Since she is the one leaving, she picks me up to kiss her goodbye.  I get really upset if I don't get to say it.

We're joining the Monday Mischief blog hop.  Check it out!


  1. Aw, cute. Doggy kisses are lovely.

  2. Nothing feels as sweet as a kiss from a loving dog! :)

  3. What a fond goodbye routine you two have there.

  4. How cute. Mr. N and I have a morning routine where he gives hand kisses and he gets petted.

  5. Aww, that is so sweet! We don't get goodbye kisses - only the occasional hello kiss. Rita is stingy with her kisses - but when she does give them they are short and sweet, like yours - not sloppy. :)