Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tasty Tuesday, Aussie style.

Healthy Dogs are the Best

A couple years ago I came across some stuff on Facebook about cooking for your dogs.  We'd been trying to find something to feed our pack that was healthy and safe.  You always hear about one brand or another having a recall and we got tired of worrying about what we were feeding.

I came across some recipes and literature from this company, www.healthy-k9.com.  We decided to give it a try.  I figured, if I cook for the dogs with food that is human quality, the recall thing should not be a concern.

I don't cook directly from their recipes.  I'm one of those people that can NEVER cook straight from the recipe anyways.  And we had stuff in the garden that we could use.  And some stuff on hand, etc.  I do make sure they get a variety of foods so as to cover all their nutritional needs.

We've been doing this for awhile now, and the dogs are really looking healthy!  Their coats are soft and shiny.  They haven't been having weight or health issues.  And we know what we're feeding since we supply the beef from our own cattle, eggs from our chickens and many of the vegetables from our own garden, with the rest of it from our local supermarket.

It turns out to be about the same cost as buying "dog food".  We like it.  The dogs like it.  We plan to keep it up.  Seems to me that the closer it is to its natural state, the better it is. And look at Gabby's shiny coat!


  1. We do a homemade food for our dogs. Same result-shiny costs!

  2. Don't you love being able to control the food quality?

  3. I cooked for Nola for about two years. She liked it!