Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Love letter to my dogs, #Iheartmydog

Today we are taking part in the #iheartmydog campaign for a great cause.

Merial, the makers of Heartguard as well as Canine Companions For Independence have put together this campaign to raise awareness about heart worm, and to raise money for assistance dogs. 

For every love letter to your dog using the #IHeartMyDog, Merial will donate $1.00 (up to $150,000) to Canine Companions For Independence - this will help provide assistance dogs to people with disabilities. We decided to take part in a worthy cause and hope you take part too! 

Here goes, my love letter to my dogs:

We have five dogs, each with their own personality and quirks.  I love each one of them for what they are and what they mean to me.

To Sera:  I fell in love with you when I first saw you at 3 months old.  I love your kindness.  You love me, Dad, the kids, the grandkids, the other dogs and the cats.  Especially the grandkids.  You have an independent streak and are a bit naughty at times; usually calculated.  That's because you are so smart.  You keep us all in line and I'm glad you're here.

To Gabby: you are such a sweet girl.  You love your quiet but are well named when you feel the need to express yourself.  You love to go for car rides. You are usually a very good girl, but with an occasional rebellious tendency (see Monday Mischief from a couple of weeks ago).  You are a very loyal companion and I don't know what I'd do without you.

To Jack:  you are a very happy boy.  You lived with someone else for a couple of years and coming to us was a hard for you but you've adjusted very well and have become an important part of our pack.  You also love to go on car rides and try to bring a toy or your stuffed bear with us when we go.  You LOVE playing ball.  I love your spirit.

To Reba:  You've been here since the day you were born.  You've grown up into a very sweet girl and you try really hard to be good.  You can be a bit of an overlover at times, but it is only because you are such a loving soul.  When we got to know you, we had to keep you here because we fell in love with you.

To Jessie:  You, like your sister, were born here.  You have such a big personality for such a little girl.  You choose who you love, but when you choose, you love with such a large heart.  I'm so lucky you chose me. Dad and I weren't going to keep both you and Reba because keeping siblings can be difficult.  But we loved you so much that we had to keep you both. What a great decision that was.

I could go on and on, but this will have to do for now.