Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We're taking over............. The Aussies are in Charge!!!!!

Hi!  Sera here.  Me and the rest of the pack have been letting Mom think she was in charge.  No more!  We want our own blog, so here goes.  I'm Sera and I am the pack leader.  And here are the rest of the pack.

This is Gabby, sort of the grandma of the group.

This is Jack, the dude.

Here is Reba, thing one.

And Jessie, thing two. The things are sisters.

We are the Aussies in this family and WE are the ones in charge.  Watch for us because we are tired of not getting to give our two barks' worth.  We are super smart and have alot to say.

Until next time...........show your pups some love.

Typed by Mom, De Hufford

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